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Daily procedures at our feedlot are specifically designed to bring about top gains in the cattle. All cattle are fed and checked twice daily, while newer cattle are sometimes fed and checked a third time. Feed is delivered to the pens by trucks equipped with accurate electronic scales so as to assure that the customer is billed for only the feed that is delivered to their cattle. Due to the fact that overfeeding can be as harmful to cattle gains as underfeeding, all ration and quantity choices are reviewed each day.

We use only our experienced pen riders to check for sick cattle because we have found that undetected sick cattle can cost the owner many dollars through slowed gains and multiple medical treatments.

Newly arrived cattle are weighted and then held in receiving pens, prior to processing, for 24 hours. Cattle are provided fresh water, fresh hay, and a free choice vitamin/mineral liquid starter. This process  greatly reduces the stress created by trucking and immediate processing, which can hurt performance and increase cost.

We feel that all of the above procedures are advantageous in bringing about top cost efficient gains in cattle and profits to the owner.