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Customer service is what sets a feedlot apart and ahead of the industry, and we feel that our customer service is one of our strongest points.

When a potential customer shows interest in our feedlot, our service begins. Whether the customer already has a source of cattle, or would like us to find cattle for them, we will provide a break-even analysis on the cattle based on the price, sex, type, condition, performance, and feeding costs of those cattle.

When cattle have been placed with us, we hope customers will visit as often as possible, and we encourage their input. In addition, we'll be available to answer any questions or give advice as needed. And, if any problems arise in the meantime, weather related, etc.., the customer will be alerted.

Our normal billing period occurs every two weeks. If a customer would like us to finance the feed, there-by eliminating these billings, we will make every effort to accommodate their needs. For the feeder with larger loan demands than we can handle, we have a close working relationship with a $1.5 billion bank which requires $200.00 per head to secure the loan.

At the time cattle are ready for market, we are available to sell customers' cattle for them, with their explicit consent, at no cost, via competitive bidding between the four major packers who visit our feedlot weekly. To assure that the cattle bring top dollar when being sold, we also watch the market via such sources as Cattle Fax, USDA, and a computerized commodity screen to assess the quality of the bid. After the cattle are sold, the customer will receive a final close out containing performance and all financial figures.

Let us assure you that we will meet any reasonable demand a customer has in order to deliver the service that goes beyond other feedlots.